4 Toxic Reasons to Avoid Commercial Perfume

Breathe in. Breathe out. Ahhhh....Out of our five physical senses scent is one of the most potent. A simple waft of a specific fragrance can transport you to memories, locales, and feelings that you have or haven’t experienced yet. Humans have been wearing perfumes and colognes as invisible yet visceral adornments for centuries. As the perfume industry has grown and become commercialized over the decades so to have the ingredients become exceedingly toxic. Check out these 4 toxic reasons to avoid commercial perfume:

  1. Little to no Transparency

    Many commercial fragrances on the market offer very little transparency about what they’re composed of. The U.S. Fair Packaging and Label Act protects perfumers, allowing them to exercise discretion regarding their specific ingredients. Many of these industry trade secrets are doing damage to our bodies! Who knows what we’ve really been putting on our skin...

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2. Pregnant women beware

One word: Phthalates. Phthalates are chemicals that help cosmetics and perfumes feel silky and smooth. Phthalates have been banned in children’s toys in USA, Europe and Canada, yet they are still used in the industry as a plasticizer in scents. They have been linked to an increase in miscarriages and genital abnormalities in baby boys. If you are a lover of fragrance but don’t want to give it up during your pregnancy head to the EWG Database for “clean” cosmetics.


3. Toxins galore

There are 3000+ stock chemicals in the fragrance industry alone. Our skin is porous, therefore anything that sits on it is absorbed by our body and enters into our bloodstream. Over time toxins build up and can lead to an array of health complications such as cancer and brain damage If the skin is our body’s largest organ shouldn’t we be more concerned about the ingredients we allow to seep into our bloodstream?


4. Allergies

You probably weren’t aware but fragrance is one of the most frequently identified allergens. A number of research studies found that many of the chemicals used to make fragrances are classified as allergens, hormone disruptors, asthma triggers, neurotoxins & carcinogens. That’s a lot to pay for just for wearing a fragrance.


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