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Solid Perfume from Roots Rose Radish

January 2, 2013 TrishaOne Comment

Smelling good just got a lot easier thanks to this beautiful Solid Perfume from Roots Rose Radish!

Roots Rose Radish is a brand new all natural artisanal beauty line and it’s officially my latest beauty obsession! The first product I tried was their amazing Honey Pecan Rose Face Cleanser and my skin has never been happier (read my review here). Now I’m obsessed with their solid perfume because it’s just so heavenly!

First of all, it’s beautiful. The perfume is set in an amazing shell and it’s pretty I almost didn’t want to use it. The solid perfume I have is Vetiver & Lemongrass and it’s described on the Roots Rose Radish as follows:

Inspired by liberated and wild friendship on a motorcycle in India. Through the jungles we rode amongst reeds of lemongrass, while the fields of vetiver were redolent with the pristine earthiness of the tropical jungle. Reminding ourselves of the sweet grounded union that exists among friends; lemongrass’ citrus overtones are kindred to those of smokey vetiver.  

100% NATURAL ingredients:

cold pressed, unrefined jojoba oil: allows for a slow release of scent.

beeswax: bonds the scent to the skin.

vetiver oil: (Vetiveria zizanoides) nourishing, strengthening and grounding. belonging to a family that feeds the world, the roots reflect this richness and produce it’s scent.

lemongrass oil: (Cymbopogon citratus) uplifting, refreshing and revitalizing scent was used to preserve ancient palm-leaf manuscripts in india.

The mere fact that it’s 100% natural is enough to make me jump for joy. I absolutely love discovering new and amazing beauty products and it’s icing on the cake when they are all natural and smell fantastic. I’ve found the scent of lemongrass to be really relaxing and if I close my eyes, I imagine myself far far away from reality. In my perfume-induced dream, I’m basking in the sun by a natural pool in Italy that’s secluded with foliage, flowers, and weeping trees!

Isn’t it amazing how a scent can trigger a memory or transport you to a fictional destination? Perfume really is a gift to your senses and I like to think that when I wear an amazing perfume, I am gifting those forced to be near me with the gift of simply smelling great.

The Solid Perfume from Roots Rose Radish comes in four amazing scents: Ylang Ylang & Grapefruit, Jasmine & Clary Sage, Rose Frankincense & Patchouli, and Vetiver & Lemongrass. The actual perfume is waxy and can be applied using your fingertips (like lipgloss). I like to apply the perfume to both wrists and behind my ears. The scent is light like a feather but sticks around for hours. I find I’m constantly sniffing my wrists for a quick pick-me-up and I even prefer this light scent over strong overwhelming perfumes that annoying everyone near me!

The bottom line is I love this amazing Solid Perfume from Roots Rose Radish and I highly recommend their amazing products to you!

This amazing perfume can be purchased on the Roots Rose Radishwebsite for $45 and don’t forget to like them on Facebook too!

As always, I hope you love this beauty find as much as I do and thanks for stopping by!  

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Vetiver and Lemongrass Solid Perfume

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