Nice review on our Honey Pecan Rose Cleanser


Apols. for the most recent break. I’m committing to daily (well, week-daily) blogging, so my posts will now be appearing in a far more consistent way.

That said, over the next few weeks I’ll be playing a bit of catch up: inundating you with reviews of every single product that is currently a part of my skincare wardrobe! On that note, Today we’ll be discussing the Honey Pecan Rose face cleanser by the amazing amazing amazing brand Roots Rose Radish.

This gorgeously gummy paste has a simple, yet effective, formula that nourishes and exfoliates while gently cleansing the skin. Fans of both honey cleansing and oil cleansing will LOVE the thick, rich  base of this cleanser: honey and jojoba oil deep clean while the addition of glycerin adds lightweight nourishment and allows this cleanser to rinse off easily with water. Finely ground rose petals and chunks of pecan get the exfoliating job done, while lavender and peppermint essential oils add an intoxicating scent and supreme antibacterial properties.

I massage this cleanser into moist skin and allow it rest for anywhere from five to twenty minutes before rinsing. You can, of course, rinse it off as soon as you’re done massaging, but I’ve found that when I let this cleanser really work into the skin, it performs miracles. This is my go to cleanser after long, stressful days that leave me looking drawn and dull: it instantly plumps, brightens, and re-enlivens my complexion. As if this cleanser wasn’t already perfect enough, it’s also delicious. I happily welcome the few drops of melted lavender, mint, and rose laced honey that migrate down my face and into my mouth while I mask with this cleanser.

The packaging is basic, but practical and incredibly luxurious in a rustic way. The cloth dust bag that this cleanser comes in effectively blocks light and, as such, oxidative damage to the unpreserved formula. 

An excellent performance from Roots Rose Radish! This cleanser would make a perfect addition to the routine of anyone who’s looking for a stress-blasting, multi-tasking cleanser.   

Ingredients: pecans, rose petals, honey, glycerin, jojoba oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil.

The Roots Rose Radish Honey Pecan Rose face cleanser is available in Canada from 

Clementine Fields