Into the gloss digs our smell!



There’s something sexy about solid perfumes—the deeper notes lingering on your skin? All the rubbing required for application?—but it seems a hard concept to improve upon, scented wax being scented wax, and the whole idea being as old as Ancient Egypt. That said, Diptyque offers chic balm-like versions of their scents, and now Roots Rose Radish has officially turned our heads with their Rose Frankincense & Patchouli solid perfume, and not just because it comes it a real seashell (!). It’s a unisex smell for “salt of the earth people,” according to the enclosed pamphlet, though the gold-rimmed pearlescent turbo shell in which it lives says different (how pretty coming out of a pocket or purse, right?!).

Regardless, the jojoba oil base allows for a slower release of scent, which means that rose otto oil (fancy schmantzy, considering it takes five dozen roses to produce one tiny drop of oil) and frankincense (with all of its holy connotations) should last at least from nine to five. According to the LA-based Roots Rose Radish, it “dries down to the leathery scent of skin that has been amongst blossoms”—to which we say, is this any better than “the pallid scent of skin that has been amongst keyboards and monitors?” Um, yes.

Get your Roots Rose Radish here.