Haute Talk- We Review: Roots Rose Radish Honey Pecan Rose Face Cleanser

We don’t strictly prescribe to the ‘don’t put anything on your face that you wouldn’t put in your mouth’ school of skincare. Not because we don’t believe it’s a great philosophy (it really is), but because, frankly, we have too many products we love that we definitely would not eat. But when we find products that are effective and all-natural?

We’re over the moon.

We wrote about Los Angeles-based Roots Rose Radish earlier this month. In the interim, we’ve had the opportunity to try some of their fantastic products, including the Honey Pecan Rose Face Cleanser.

Per Roots Rose Radish’s description…

HONEY PECAN ROSE FACE CLEANSER designed for daily use, is loaded with honey to tone, soothe and lock moisture deep into cells. Finely ground pecans gently exfoliate away the day’s reside while increasing blood flow to skin cells. With lavender oil to cleanse and purify, and jojoba oil to soothe, moisturize and condition, this formula is perfect for refreshing, hydrating cleansing. It’s designed to clean, moisturize and replenish without the tight after-feel that harsh soaps and detergents can leave behind, leaving you with healthy glowing skin.

The cleanser smells faintly of honey and lavender, with a touch of peppermint. We’re smitten with the unique texture. It’s a thick, creamy, vaguely gel-like brown paste. The pecan bits are very, very finely ground, and the exfoliation is light enough to use for every day use, even on our relatively sensitive, breakout prone skin. It’s a light enough degree of exfoliation that we’d recommend using a coarser scrub twice a week in addition.

We apply a nickel-sized amount to damp skin and gently massage in using circular motions for a good 30 seconds or so before rinsing with warm water. The result, after patting skin dry? Supple feeling, slightly moisturized skin that’s never tight or stripped feeling.

The weather here has been vacillating between mild and icy, and this cleanser is just the ticket for our dry-leaning combination skin. Our sample is not large enough to attest to the cleanser’s longer term benefits (we were able to use it about a week), but we can say that is a cleanser of serious quality. It’s the sort of thing we could see becoming an everyday staple in our skincare routine.

If you’re looking for a new cleanser, this one may well be it. Love.

Roots Rose Radish Honey Pecan Rose Face Cleanser, $30. Available at Roots Rose Radish.

Image: Roots Rose Radish