En Soie's gorgeous new L.A. boutique and a Roots Rose Radish collaboration on two stunning custom scents!



photography by: DAWN BLACKMAN

En Soie WILD mag arts

Authenticity and artistic exploration have been the soul of En Soie since 1894. A family business originating from Zurich, the house quickly established its reputation in the fashion industry as a pioneer in textile design. This year, the iconic brand arrives to the U.S. in the hands of Eleonore Meier, eldest daughter of owner and creator Monique Meier. Eleonore and her husband, filmmaker Rafael Palacio Illingworth, have been residing in Los Angeles for some years now. In recent years they’ve discovered a growing appreciation for craftsmanship and high quality handmade goods.

Convinced that the brand would resonate with the artistic community, they opened the shop in the heart of Silverlake, few blocks east from Sunset Junction. Housed in a huge retail space, half shop, half workshop, Eleonore and Rafael share with clients and visitors the lifestyle and philosophy of the brand. The couple is constantly searching for creative collaborations with American artists to create new products or artistic content. They are currently developing a limited edition scent for their upcoming collection with local Herbalist Christian Toscano of Roots Rose and Radish.

En Soie WILD mag arts
Roots Rose Radish