Currently Coveted: Roots Rose Radish

rrr2 Currently Coveted: Roots Rose Radish

Skincare is sort of a compulsion for us. Even when we’ve found a stable of products we adore, we find ourselves straying, always wanting to try something new.

RRR christian Currently Coveted: Roots Rose Radish

Fortunately our skin gets “used to” products in the bat of an eye, so at least we have an excuse for the massive rotation of things we use.

And right now? We are seriously coveting Roots Rose Radish skincare. We first spotted their products on one of our favorite blogs, Beauty Huile. Roots Rose Radish are a Los-Angeles based apothecary founded by herbalist and wildcrafter Christian Toscano. Ms. Toscano has studied Ayurveda, folk and western herbalism, and Chinese medicine. Her knowledge of flora and essential oils (and their properties) informs the brand. She oversees all packaging and quality control herself. Even better? All ingredients used (in everything from the Bergamint Lip Balm to the Calendula Geranium Body Butter to the Honey Pecan Rose Face Cleanser) are grown organically.

In Roots Rose Radish’s company manifesto (of sorts), they describe themselves as “dedicated to creating sustainable health and beauty care with the highest quality ingredients.” And you know what? That’s something our skincare routine can get behind.

We can’t wait to try a few things from the Roots Rose Radish line-up, and we’ll keep you updated as soon as we do. View a list of stockists here, or shop on the RRR site.

What about you? Does anything on the Roots Rose Radish site appeal to you and your wallet?

rrr Currently Coveted: Roots Rose Radish