What is Apothecary Perfume?


Apothecary is a medicine chest. So when we’re talking about perfume, that means we use only those essential oils that are medical-grade. No dilution, no synthetics and no impurities.

Commercial perfume is very toxic -- but it hasn’t always been this way. For thousands of years, people have been finding ways to design and cultivate new scents and they didn’t rely on thousand of petro-chemicals to do it. Although a lot of these mass-produced perfumes smell great it is not healthy to use. Think about it: your skin is your largest organ. Don’t cover it in unnatural and toxic elements.

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Ylang Ylang & Grapefruit Solid Perfume
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The basis of our solid perfumes is jojoba oil. This high quality oil is most similar to the skin’s sebum (basis oil gland). The jojoba oil is what suspends and holds the scent, as well as possessing its own qualities of being moisture rich and cellular reparative to the skin. That, in combination with beeswax (which is what gives the solid perfumes their consistency) allows the scent to be captured and for the solid perfume to hold its shape. The various essential oils used in the actual scent have additional attributes separate from their emotional properties; many of them are very strong antibacterial elements as well. For instance, grapefruit oil is something you can diffuse or burn when somebody has a cold that is also a powerful antibiotic.

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