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Au Naturel with Roots Rose Radish


Roots Rose Radish is an artisanal company dedicated to creating health and beauty care products using only the highest quality ingredients. Founded, by Christian Toscano, on the idea that people shouldn’t sacrifice their bodies for beauty, each formula is crafted using 100 percent natural elements. The brand’s motto is: Only put on your skin what you would eat, it’s that simple!

All research and development, formulations, packaging, marketing and distribution of these candy-like delicious ‘jars’ are done in-house, allowing for quality control every step of the way. Christian Toscano, an avid cultivator, wildcrafter and, herbalist, creates each formula herself. She draws inspiration from antiquated botanical illustrations, folk herbalism, Victorian drawing rooms and French gardens. There is something romantic about her, as a woman as well as the process of her work; to work on something with such passion and love will ultimately grant you the satisfaction you desire which will give you a peaceful healthy soul.

What’s marvelous about Roots Rose Radish is that the products do not contain any alcohol, which dries out the skin, so it’s substituted with vitamin E and honey, both natural preservatives. Christian’s journey started when she created a few skincare products when she was in college, because she was unable to find organic and natural products for her skin. She produced lip balms and hair rinses, but selling them was not on the table quite yet. She then studied with 7Song, a local herbalist, at the North East School of Botanical Medicine, and that inspired her to create her own skincare products.

The initial results of her few products evoked loads of positive responses to the extent that she decided to launch a full line. Christian’s natural skin care is a breath of fresh air and a much needed health injection into our dull skins. Whether you’re looking for face cleansers and creams, lip balms, oils, body butter, or solid perfumes; you will certainly find what your heart desires infused with poetry and love. You are what you eat, and you are what you use on your body, so take care of yourself. Shop Roots Rose Radish!



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Roots Rose Radish