rrrbutter We Review: Roots Rose Radish Calendula Geranium Body Butter

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that Roots Rose Radish Calendula Geranium Body Butter is one of the all-around dreamiest products we’ve used in a while. And we’ve tried quite a few. This winter has been a lengthy exercise into tricking our highly adaptive skin into being moisturized by any product with repeated use. Many work well on the first go ‘round but after even a few days fail to be effective.

Anything that doesn’t fall into this category has an automatic foot in the door to our heart. But for this body butter, it was just a good start.

Here’s what the lovely folks at Roots Rose Radish have to say about our new best friend (read all about the glorious ingredients in greater detail at the bottom of this post):

CALENDULA GERANIUM BODY BUTTER is a creamy formula made for all skin types, it gives your skin the nutrients it needs with the uplifting fragrance of Geranium oil. Focusing on the cellular reparative and moisturizing qualities of Calendula flowers means even those with sensitive skin can slather on the good stuff—deeply nourishing shea butter, avocado oil, sweet almond oil & vitamin E, plus soothing botanicals like rose hip seed hydrosol, without worrying about irritation. Plus, it’s non-greasy!

The pale greenish yellow butter (our sample was greener than the tin pictured above) has a decadently balm like consistency. It spreads on like a creamy, highly-emollient salve, and then melts into the skin almost instantly. Greasiness is the only point on which we’ll politely depart from the description. This butter is, on initial application, slightly greasy. But with greasiness comes great hydration, and it’s short-lived. Any oiliness on the skin’s surface disappears within 15 minutes or so. Because of this, some of you may prefer to apply this one in the evenings. We’ll take any excuse to slather this on, morning or night.

rrrcalendula2 We Review: Roots Rose Radish Calendula Geranium Body Butter

And here’s where things get really warm and fuzzy for us. The calendula used in this glorious substance is all grown in RRR founder Christian Toscano’s backyard in Los Angeles (for those of you who missed it, here’s our interview with her). She was kind enough to send us a few shots of the plants that make the magic happen. How many skincare products can you say you’ve seen the specific ingredients of?

Even if you couldn’t care less about that, we’re telling you: this will make your skin soft, hydrated, and infinitely happier. There are still about three months of wretched cold ahead for many of us, so pick up a tin now and thank us later.

Roots Rose Radish Calendula Geranium Body Butter, 4 oz. for $30. Available at Roots Rose Radish 

rrrcalendula We Review: Roots Rose Radish Calendula Geranium Body Butter

calendula oil: one of the most effective topical oils, it is gentle, cooling, and soothing. It is the most successful oil for assisting us with dry and damaged skin, skin inflammations, rashes, diaper irritations, and other skin disorders.
Contains: Certified organic Calendula flowers (Calendula officinalis), infused in certified organic Olive Oil.

expeller pressed sweet almond oil: raw & unrefined exceptionally rich in fatty acids; soothes, softens & re-conditions the skin.

shea butter: raw & unrefined vegetable butter from the Karite tree. exceptionally rich in fatty acids; soothes, softens & re-conditions the skin. natural mild SPF.

unrefined avocado oil: high amounts of vitamins A, B1, B2, D & E, and amino acids, sterols, pantothenic acid, lecithin and essential fatty acids directly into the skin.

rose hip seed hydrosol: (Rosa rugosa) hand distilled rose hip seeds, we capture the essential fragrance & medicinal properties: a wonderful mild astringent & packed with Omega 6 fatty acids for all skin types. Roses have an affinity with the heart & emotions.

beeswax: secreted by hard working honey bees, helps create a bond of moisture to your skin.

geranium oil: rosy, earthy, sweet/smooth, dry aroma acts to balance and relax the emotions while providing a mild astringent.

vitamin e: natural anti-oxidant & preservative.

 Images: Christian Toscano/Roots Rose Radish